If architects construct a world for contemporary society it is obvious that society is a research laboratory for the architect. We will spend the semester investigating this topic. We will focus our creative research on this social research. Even though architecture is matter, geometry, adaptation to man and discourse, we still understand it as an unfinished system of formal production. For architecture's complete realization, for its subsistence and the continuous revision of its contents, it is necessary to tackle two themes: to export visions and concepts towards its exterior, to society, to collect society's impulses to ensure the contemporaneity of architecture.

1. Exporting visions and concepts. Architecture, in order to create a relationship with society must anticipate: To organize an extended and multidisciplinary discourse through mass-media. Without decreasing the intensity or the quality of this discourse by the simple fact that it is extended. To discover new concepts. To inform, broadcast and extend the architectural discourse to society. To create architectural criteria. To force this discourse as the criteria for experimentation.

2.To collect all impulses from the society. The architecture must: Be able to absorb and synthesize all discourses as consensual and structured opinion tendencies. To use social inputs as the starting point of project research and not only as simple behaviors that need to be verified. To understand itself as open and dynamic process in continuous transformation.

It is possible to produce architecture based in the trends and favorable critical tendencies of the moment. It is easy to generate spaces and forms in the mainstream of major aesthetic tendencies, but this leads to the undesirable effect of becoming an architect in fashion. We want student proposals to be produced through a relationship with the society for which they build. We believe this is a more real architecture and one, surely, more responsible.



2006-2007 / Winter Semester
Connecting Architecture
Assistant Professor of Architectural Design
Chair of Mamen Domingo Vissiting Professor of Architectural Design


Mamen Domingo


Relja Ferusic, Maria del Carmen Martín, Christoph Kellenberger