To propose architectural solutions to the space around the lake is the objective of this course. Reflecting upon the relationship between Zürich and its lake, between architecture and the lake and between man and nature will determine the place to be developed. Nature, city, water, shoreline, walk, sailing, floating, topography, surface are materials to use to project.

The coursework will involve discovering how architects can provide energy so that a public space, as perceived through their imagination, can be identified by the inhabitants of a city or a neighbourhood, collectively or individually as something belonging to and identifying them.

Public Buildings: Social meeting places.

The resulting architectural proposals will assume all the complexity of their users, including all the conflicts inherent to urban relationships and communities, transmitting all the might and magic of their environment to make each one a singular creation.

The functionality of the programme and the rigour in its construction details will be on the same level as the emotional, artistic and contemporary aspects within each proposal. Nowadays, analysing artwork is not enough to continue creating art. A formal analysis of the location and abstracting the results of this analysis will be but the first step towards creating contemporary architecture.

Students will interpose themselves between the site and the architecture they will project. The architectural proposal will explain what the key elements to interpret the site are, and vice-versa; what the key elements of the site are in order to explain the architecture proposed. It is all about experiencing short distances, closeness, face to face.



2005-2006 / Winter Semester
Liquid Sections
Assistant Professor of Architectural Design
Chair of Mamen Domingo Vissiting Professor of Architectural Design


Mamen Domingo


Relja Ferusic, Maria del Carmen Martín, Carole Iselin