In the face of globalization, it is necessary to create a quality of life beginning with what is local. In the face of climate change it is necessary to create an architecture starting from common sense and synthesis.

Creating architecture is surely an act of moving forward. The collective dreams of one society and one city are identified with its construction, and are represented by great constructions.

The collective dream of one city when imagined as an Olympic City is an architectural challenge, which we also understand as a challenge to architectural learning.

To propose is to innovate.

A utopia of a more coherent world, with its aims and dreams, with its functional logic and symbolic contents, makes possible for the architecture to not have limits while proposing forms.

Utopia. Architecture and Freedom. Research. Space and creativity.

The rules of the game, the established measures of sport courts, a dream for a better world, are going to be the starting point of this collective experience. An act of checking the level of an architectural project is defined basically by an exigency of the author of the project and his or her own capability for self criticism.

We think that the experiences of teamwork and arguing within the complexity of conflict will augment the creativity of the spatial proposal.

The finality of this unique space is to ask our selves how capable we are to make architecture move forward.




2006-2007 / Summer Semester
Zurich For Olympics
Assistant Professor of Architectural Design
Chair of Mamen Domingo Vissiting Professor of Architectural Design


Mamen Domingo


Relja Ferusic, Maria del Carmen Martín, Christoph Kellenberger