Who wants to be the same? Cities ask themselves.

The architectural spaces we are going to experiment with this semester are based on Architecture coming from daily situations. Such simple facts as eating or drinking, can cause an explosion of creativity with which it is able to transform the whole society.

Can you imagine Switzerland without chocolate? Surely it wouldn't be the Switzerland we know.

In a world where the word “globalization” is the center of all critiques, the city, in general and each city, in particularl have to be reconsidered. The city must reinvent itself constantly in order to keep its vitality, and our work will be to propose Architecture capable of reaching that aim.

The experiment consist of creating architecture by understanding chaos as the absolute confusion that precedes the city planning, and to discover in this chaos the energy capable of producing imaginative spaces where contemporality can find its expression.

We never want to get bored of our cities.

The work of the semester is to design a building for the International Center of Chocolate in Zurich . The site is located near the Central Station of Zurich.

The student will discover the spatial complexity involved in a proposal containing related multi-sized spaces. We will have to think about how one building can identify the society in which it is located and how it can express its specific character. We have to think and propose Architecture which is capable to take part in its own environment, in its formal and urban aspects as well as in those more human and daily.




2005-2006 / Summer Semester
Cacaothic Architecture
Assistant Professor of Architectural Design
Chair of Mamen Domingo Vissiting Professor of Architectural Design


Mamen Domingo


Relja Ferusic, Maria del Carmen Martín, Carole Iselin